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First Class Yearly Fees 2023 - 2024


Name of Child:                                                     Class:

For an easier option fees can be paid using the Aladdin Connect app, directly into our bank by direct debit or by using PayPal. Details are listed at the bottom of the page. Please contact the office for information or help if needed on either option. We would appreciate if fees could be paid as promptly as possible or before the 30th September 2023

Starter Pack        First Class


Arts and all Art Products i.e. paints, crayons, pastels, poster paints, brushes, sugar paper, oils, bowls, paper plates, aprons, stencils, glitter, moulds, cards etc.




Voluntary Contribution

(Per Family)


Aladdin Connect (Per Family)

(Facility for reminders about school closures, holidays, matches, school trips etc).


Pupil Personal Accident Insurance

(Per Child)



€ 145.00




PayPal Email Address:

Bank Account Details: (Please state child’s name)

Bank Branch: Bank of Ireland Dundrum.

Bank Sort Code No: 901095

Account Number:  90010498 BIC: BOFIIE2D        IBAN:  IE03BOFI90109590010498

Also, all fees can be paid through the Aladdin Connect app on your phone



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